RFID Inventory Management
Distributed, Scalable, Multi-Platform solution
VT’s management suite (Scopra) is based on open standards and designed for enterprise applications in either a Windows or Linux environment. There are four essential components to the system: server, database, console, and agents. There is no proprietary data store: Scopra supports the top names in RDBMS systems. The server is designed to be very efficient but still able to scale by simply adding another server to the farm.

RFID Inventory Management
Scopra’s software solution is used to manage remote inventories (and storage) using RFID cabinets distributed across the globe. VendingTechnology utilizes a unique paradigm for distribution through innovation in both product and software development. Typical applications involve hundreds of embedded RFID readers with specialized Scopra agents that in turn communicate securely across the internet to report a myriad of events including: inventory levels, temperature alerts, door triggers, and alarm status. The specialized agents communicate over secure TCP bidirectionaly with the Scopra server enabling 24/7 monitoring of inventories. The solution offers very fast ROI by replacing any inventory with a e-consigned inventory. Putting the inventory at point of use creates more opportunities for more sales. Moreover, the VT technology provides suppliers with peace of mind knowing that their expensive products are safe until they are removed and consumed. The virtual cabinet based warehouse is also connected to the central Scopra server offering a complete end to end solution; the system tracks when an order is entered, shipped, received, consumed, and reordered.

Embedded Software Design/Development
Unique business rules engine
The VT rules engine enables each deployment of the network monitoring solution to be customized using specified rules and agent behavior for each individual application. Action can be taken based on message type, content, ip address, mac, department, category, etc. Actions available include database manipulation, web service requests, logging, ip forwarding, MSMQ, MQ Series, email, fax, telephony, etc.

Configurable Network Management Solution
VT developers have been creating successful enterprise products that leverage embedded end-point-devices for decades. We pride ourselves on successfully creating kernel and application level software connecting applications for thin clients, PDA’s, gas pumps, gaming devices, USB Biometrics, small footprint appliances and consignment cabinets.

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